Gold For USA At Youth Sailing

At 2016 Aon Youth Sailing of 2016, the Gold medals came to the United States. It tumbled to Auckland on final day of the race.

The multihull sailors of French got the Nacra 15 gold, 29er girl’s from Australia won the regatta; it is the first time ever that these girls have won regatta. The others on the winner list are USA’s 420 boys and Great Britain and Israel who took the title of RS:X.

On day four USA has two wins and that time only it got clear that Jack Parkin and Wiley Rogers will secure gold medal and on the final day of result same thing happened.

Roger explained what made him to get this success and said it was the dedication and focused approach that made us to win.

For entire week, both Parkin and Rogers were in the same tune and now after winning the race both are synched. Excited Parkin said “To have smooth boating time one has to be light on weight. I and Roger both were dieting hard to keep our weight constant. Now, when we have won the race, I am going to eat everything I wish to eat, pancakes, waffles and various other things that we had not eaten in a week and we wanted to have it. At the same time we are going to take breaks as well.”

The race for silver medal and other trophies is still going on and participants are competing with other teams very strongly. Aon Youth Sailing has beautiful weather condition and it is giving good time for participants to race.

Every participant here has something extraordinary and that is making this championship a spectacular event. In the coming days the championship will come up with more names of winner. Some records will be created here and some will be broken.