Premier Sailing School Is Successfully Turning Novices Into Master Sailors

For the past two decades, the Premier Sailing School (PSS) has been engaged in teaching sailing skills to young children. The institute has been teaching adults and children alike how to fall in love with sailing and how to sail in different water conditions. So far, hundreds of students have learned this sailing skill from the institute and now they are doing incredibly well in the field.

The founder of the institute is Arabella Denvir she opened this school with her husband, Phil, in the year 1998. She opened this school, to increase awareness of sailing in every age group. The school focus on the safety while training students and after the safety, the ultimate fun in the water is their top priority.

Denvir said, “I have a strong love for sailing and my desire is to make people who get introduced to sailing to stay with it as long as they can. The best way to do that is engaging them with this sport and making sure that they enjoy this sport.”

Ana Rowan is the sailing instructor in the institution and she has spent all her summer since she was 10 at the Premier Sailing institution. She joined the institution as a student, here she learned and masters the skill and later become the part of institution as an office manager and sailing instructor with her own official US Sailing Certification.

Rowan shared her feeling and said “When you are sailing, you feel like you are flying in the water,” said Rowan. “It is quiet fascinating when you are sailing and there is no motor present.”

The institute is located at 744 St. Andrews Lane and it is positioned at the very end of Carter Creek, close to the Rappahannock River. According to Denvir, this is so perfect that you couldn’t dream of being at a better place to learn how to sail.