NSHOF Brews Rivalry Between Cities

The Sailing Hall of Fame sees rivalry games at play. This is a facility that has been formed to celebrate the achievements of men and women in sailing. There is a proposed plan to showcase the history of world sailing in this facility, but it is falling short of fulfillment. The site has been secured by the facility in Annapolis, MD but the money is not present for funding the project. There was hope that the local government would provide support, but that is probably not going to happen; hence Plan B is being looked at whereby traction could be gained in Newport, RI. That would definitely be a blow to the proposed site at Annapolis that many of the locals were looking forward to. If the Sailing Hall of Fame moves to its proposed venue to Newport, Rhode Island that would surely be something that the Annapolis people would not be happy about.



That is the kind of rivalry that is brewing between the two capital cities in the East Coast. Both cities are being pitted for this project. For the organization NSHOF on the other hand, there has been a struggle to gain a local identity. The hall of fame has been largely absent and that is also because the right kind of venue was being sought for long. The sailing community in Annapolis however showcases much more meaning for this venue; they have also sponsored as well as hosted several classic sailing fleets and also tried to ensure that the sailors here get a wide spectrum of sailing activities to participate in.

However the sailing community is at a loss to be able to raise the money, which is more than nine million dollars that is required for the facility to be built. On the other hand, there is a ready-made facility on the waterfront of Newport that can be the perfect solution for this problem.