World Cup Series In Hyeres

The World Cup Series in Hyeres, France for 2017 was on from 23r to 30th April.

As part of the tournaments that is lined up for this year, it was the first significant international sailing event that was for considerable duration and comprised of several categories of races. Hence, about 500 sailors had come in from 52 nations to participate in this event. The lineup of sailors was impressive for this event that saw most competitive and well positioned sailors with great accolades being present to participate in the different categories.

The first of sailing was hard to make out how the days would proceed, but there was a steady breeze that was blowing at 8 to 11 knots and in a south easterly direction. As a result, those who were looking to perform well were able to put in consistent results. For instance, in the fleet of the Women’s Windsurfer category that comprised of 38 participants, Noga Geller from Israel was able to showcase her skills and come out with flying colors.

She stated that the sailing conditions had been good and hence it was easy for her to win in the first two races. The wind condition was ideal for sailing downwind that was between ten and twelve knots. Geller was able to see success in the RS: X fleet in the first two races. The third day however, saw her end up with a bad day and that led her to finishing in the 22nd position.

In the men’s position for RS: X fleet Sanz Lanz from Switzerland was able to have a consistent start and he also won in two races. As with Geller, he put down the key to his success as being able to get clean wind that led to a good start.