7 Comments for “The best sailing video footage by Air Vide et Eau” 7 Comments for The best sailing video footage by Air Vide et Eau

  • speedxdreems says:

    waste of 3:29 i will never get back…

  • vincent7520 says:

    Votre page peut être la nôtre … sans doute.
    Mais pour quelle raison irais-je m’adresser à un spécialiste de la
    plomberie et du sanitaire comme votre nom semple l’indiquer ?

  • Bryan Gauson says:

    The good ol’ Sailing Guy, Bryan Gauson
    Bryan Gauson here, I am an sailing guy, lover of the ocean and sailboats,
    an all around friendly guy here to let you in on some of the great sailing
    videos and photos that you can feast your eyes on the internet. For now
    here’s a quick video I made about some of the world’s top sailing events I
    have been to. Here’s the link for the video at YouTube, The best sailing
    video footage by Air Vide et Eau it’s great to watch with friends and folks
    who have the same passion in sailing as we do! So be sure to share the
    video in your Facebook page, Twitter or email and text them around. I’m
    sure your pals won’t regret watching the 3 minute video and enjoy it as
    much as I do in making them.
    I have been having a great time out in the sea, sailing across the ocean in
    the big blue, and this video has gotten me all pumped, and like the
    beautiful songs of coast line to beach music, the song of Rod Stewart
    Sailing has really touched my heart, I also have a Flick’r page where all
    my other pictures and show reels will be available for you to check out. So
    be sure to visit them too.

    Like all boat and sailing lovers out there, I know we share the same love
    and awe at the ocean and the power of nature by itself, and how it can move
    one big boat into the waters in blazing speeds. Steering the wheel and
    putting up the sail, oh those great feeling of tying up knots and
    conquering your inner fears for a fresh smooth wind and exchange, you can
    expect a good fight and a good exercise when you tussle and hustle with
    your crew or with just yourself, the real wonders of sailing!
    Sometimes we get too engrossed at the moment of sailing that we tend to
    forget to enjoy nature and the waves and the ocean that is around us. So
    it’s always great to have memories and pictures that will remind us of the
    real deal that is happening, man at its best working together with nature,
    so I got them all in my Flick’r albums and some were even posted on my
    Pinterest account, be sure to check them out and it will surely bring a
    smile to your face, regardless if you are a hardcore enthusiast or just
    someone who digs nature a lot.
    When we love nature, we surely will fell in love with our fellow human
    beings. In this way, I am please to post pictures and sailing videos when
    we made our way to the Philippines and I have made videos at their current
    conditions there too, it’s time to give cheers to these folks, there are
    street children’s, blind and many more living in poor conditions in that
    wonderful country. Offering a helping hand and doing videos to promote
    philanthropy from fellow sail lovers will bring a lot of smile and a lot of
    hope for this people. Hopefully they will get help from where it matters
    most, from strangers, who are doing great in their own.

  • LAMIRAL45 says:

    I travel in my inner spirit ! Many thanks.

  • SUb42 says:

    What is the music ?

  • aleshevl says:

    far from the best. waste of time.

  • bowedtoothdoc says:

    Nice compilation and good music!

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