24 Comments for “MacGregor 1 Hour Sailing Video” 24 Comments for MacGregor 1 Hour Sailing Video

  • hargadee says:

    I wish McGregor would still make sailboats with more classic lines. My very
    first sailboat was a 22ft MacGregor back in the 1970’s. It wasn’t the
    prettiest boat, but at least it blended in with other traditional boats.

    These new M26 sailboats stick out so much in a marina and are sorta in the
    same league as the Bayliner Buccaneer sailboats. They’re fun and all, but
    why make ’em so ugly?

  • Iain Mcdonald says:

    oh be quiet people macgregors are true trailerable sailboats and i think
    that they are really cool looking.

  • Timothy Rego says:

    A crap boat, give me a Triton 28 or an Alberg 30 any day.

  • bonjourmssr says:

    You must be moored at Wab. 🙂 I’ve crewed a few 26Xs on regatta nights
    there. Quite fun despite its seeming “industrial-ness”

  • MrWmasters says:

    Are you and IDIOT. You’re actually comparing a 26′ weekender with a 65m
    boat? Don’t have children! People like you passing your stupid genes down
    to the next generation scare me.

  • MegaJeremy07 says:


  • klaas wientjes says:

    echt een kk boot!

  • MrWmasters says:

    “…sail like a pig?” What does that mean? She sails fine for what she is.

  • debnbilly says:


  • Charles Stambuk says:

    I would like more information about this boat. How much? where can I buy? ,

  • shananagans5 says:

    Right.They’re made to be towed easily & affordable. If that’s your main
    goal they probably fit the bill. However:affordability & ease of towing do
    not go well with good sailing performance.I know people that have & love
    their Mcgregors but they are not serious sailors. I hate MacGregor too.
    Sailing performance & quality is more important to me than ease of towing
    but many people like their MacGregors & they sell lots of boats so
    MacGregor is doing something right.Just not what I want in a boat

  • debnbilly says:

    Yep, very telling…..They sell A LOT of boats!!

  • MrWmasters says:

    Have you noticed your fat as well as stupid Colin?

  • Charles Stambuk says:

    Gostaria de ter mais informações a respeito dessa embarcação. Quanto custa?
    aonde posso comprar? Aguardo, obrigado, Charles. stambukdrago@bol.com.br

  • Colin Patterson says:

    Omg what a total piece of junk!

  • MrWmasters says:

    Yes it does. It says that it is the MOST POPULAR, and MOST AFFORDABLE
    beginner, weekender, sailboat in the world. So when people move up to a
    bigger boat and can’t afford two boats, they sell their old starter boat.
    Just like people sell their small starter home when they move up to the 4
    bedroom model.

  • ushillbillies says:

    We bought our26X new in 98 its been a fine boat .been on the lakes from
    Ontario to the & on the Pacific.We live in Alberta.

  • MrWmasters says:

    Why spend the money on them? What do you need in a weekender that you’d
    spend money on those more expensive boats? They are more luxurious, but you
    don’t live on the boat so you don’t need those luxuries. And since your not
    doing any long range sailing with a 26′ boat, they’re better open water
    performance is never going to be used, so why would any intelligent person
    spend the money to buy something he’ll never use? NO ONE buys a 26′ boat
    for sailing pleasure. Solo-weekend sailing, yes.

  • Jax Capn says:

    Interesting a quick web search finds a great selection of fairly new
    MacGregors for sale. Telling isn’t it?

  • Jax Capn says:

    Missed my point. Classic Clorox bottle production boat. Neither adapt at
    sail or under power. Easy to loose interest in once you have sailed real
    keelboats.No other production boat builder still uses water ballast. Lots
    of NEW sailors buy them and then sell them just after a few seasons or once
    they have sailed on a fixed keel boat.

  • kSweens says:

    No offense, but it looks like it’ll sail like a pig…

  • ushillbillies says:

    We only sailed Wab 1 time…we mostly go to the Sunshine coast,,,,or Cold

  • TheWerwelpe says:

    well, the better option is a 65m royal huisman….

  • MrWmasters says:

    I understand. My point is, very few Mac Gregors are sold by their owners.
    There are so many out there, that it appears that they are being sold at a
    high rate, but they aren’t. The average owner keeps his boat, they aren’t
    looking to be serious sailors, they need a boat they can tow home and keep
    in the yard. Those who find they love sailing, do move up, but most don’t
    and can’t. Sailing is expensive, kids, mortgages, and health insurance are
    also expensive. Mac’s aren’t.

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