• Raven5751 says:

    When I was a kid, my dad was a Para-transit driver and he would put smooth
    jazz 106.1 always. This song would come up on the station and my dad would
    just be in deep thought. I asked my dad one day what was he thinking about
    when this song came on and he would just tell me all of the good times he
    had back when was young.

    Now I understood what he meant by this because as soon as I put this song
    on, good memories flowed through me and I cry now because things have
    changed within the family and what makes it even more sad that my grandma
    isn’t here with us no longer and there’s always drama happening.

    However this song just helps me cherish the good memories no matter how
    painful things are now. Sorry for the long post.

  • Ingrid says:

    Bonjour la foule…
    Réveil en douceur…

  • Staycee says:

    Where I’d like to go

  • corinna bregamo says:

    buon inizio settimana..:)

  • eirini malaki says:

    Καλησπερα!!!!!!….και ομως…αν εχουμε υπομονη…γινονται και
    θαυματα!!!…Εσεις…τι λετε???

  • 稲玉貴敏 says:

    CHRISTOPHER CROSS – SAILING: https://youtu.be/yyYhZ9HH8cI

  • jump oricakle says:

    when high this song just automatically starts playing in my head lol

  • Krlos Exev says:

    Wine, this song, memories. Christopher Cross- Sailing

  • giorgos p. says:


    CHRISTOPHER CROSS – SAILING: http://youtu.be/yyYhZ9HH8cI

  • James Bistany says:

    I love this one. I can smell the sea when I hear it.

  • Tony Tiger says:

    I remember when I first heard this song. I lived in Tacoma Washington 

  • Mario Carlo TOROSANTUCCI says:


  • Russell Loop says:

    This song brings back so many memories…the best years of my life were
    spent sailing on the Chesapeake Bay with my family on our sailboat. This
    song was very much a part of the soundtrack of my life at that time. I
    would give anything to be able to go back.

  • moongoose mcqueen says:

    this is on the soundtrack to the 1980 movie Arthur…funny movie starring
    the late great Dudley Moore

  • MackeyDeez says:

    This is such a soothing song this is why I say good songs arw timeless.

  • vincenzo solimeo says:

    Crisofer cross TANTI bei momenti 

  • Elda Moura says:

    Bem, o paraíso não está longe Ao menos não pra mim E se o vento está certo
    você encontrar tranqüilidade

  • BAR MAN OO (O) says:


  • Andrew Hernandez says:

    hello world guess this is one of the last comments youll ever read from me.
    no im not being sarchastic but yes I am listening to this song while I
    write.. listen. is all I need somebody to do but nobody seems to care. no
    this is not a cry for help or okay maybe it is.maybe I should be on a
    hotline for suicide prevention.but im not suicidal. I just have bad
    luck…. I guess it is true …nobody cares…. peace and love.

  • Atlantic City Line Dancer says:


  • elsoda says:

    I can close my eyes and be transported to the age of 7 years old in Puerto
    RIco…this song was so huge there at the time. such a great and beautiful
    pop song…..

  • Akitami Maeda says:

    Super nice voice,very good!

  • odiemodie1 says:

    I live in Hawaii, and this magnificent timeless tune fits so well here. I
    love going to the shoreline and watch the sailboats silently glide throught
    the beautiful, glistening blue waters, the sun slowly setting in the
    horizon, turning the sky and landscape into an awesome fiery scene for a
    moment of time. Before it disappears, day transforms into a starry, moonlit
    night… still seeing the boats with their deck lights in the distance. A
    flood of memories of my youth comes to mind, as well a little yearning of
    the good ol’ days that have come to pass, days that I will never forget,
    that I will always keep close to me from this moment on…

  • UnSceneMinute says:

    This song makes you feel…..some type of way…almost like the notes bring
    you back to playing on the living room carpet as a child, you see it
    happening in slow motion, concentrating on your facial expressions, as well
    as those around you. Life is worth living for those moments, memories, that

  • Eiza McCartney says:

    por dios que hermosa musica ♫♫♫ creo q estas canciones antiguas transmiten
    mayor sentimiento que las musicas de ahora y aunque no entienda muy bien el
    ingles me transmiten un sentimiento indescritible

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