Calero Marina’s “Marina Lanzarote” To Hold The Fifth Edition Of Rorc Transatlantic Race

The Race RORC is in its fifth edition finally and is all set to sail with its start hosted by Calero Marina’s on Saturday 24th November 2018. Peter Cunningham’s MOD70 PowerPlay (CAY) and the other will be seen sailing head-to-head in tough competition in a 3000 nautical mile-match race. In the last two month’s event, Maserati came to be the winner of the duel.

While attempting a delivery at Lanzarote, Maserati encountered rudder damage from bumping and encountering damage from some specific gear belonging to the fishing activities with the blade getting tangled and they were pulled to the below quite strongly while breaking the stuff off the fittings.

Premier Sailing School Is Successfully Turning Novices Into Master Sailors

For the past two decades, the Premier Sailing School (PSS) has been engaged in teaching sailing skills to young children. The institute has been teaching adults and children alike how to fall in love with sailing and how to sail in different water conditions. So far, hundreds of students have learned this sailing skill from the institute and now they are doing incredibly well in the field.

The founder of the institute is Arabella Denvir she opened this school with her husband, Phil, in the year 1998. She opened this school, to increase awareness of sailing in every age group. The school focus on the safety while training students and after the safety, the ultimate fun in the water is their top priority.

NSHOF Brews Rivalry Between Cities

The Sailing Hall of Fame sees rivalry games at play. This is a facility that has been formed to celebrate the achievements of men and women in sailing. There is a proposed plan to showcase the history of world sailing in this facility, but it is falling short of fulfillment. The site has been secured by the facility in Annapolis, MD but the money is not present for funding the project. There was hope that the local government would provide support, but that is probably not going to happen; hence Plan B is being looked at whereby traction could be gained in Newport, RI. That would definitely be a blow to the proposed site at Annapolis that many of the locals were looking forward to. If the Sailing Hall of Fame moves to its proposed venue to Newport, Rhode Island that would surely be something that the Annapolis people would not be happy about.



That is the kind of rivalry that is brewing between the two capital cities in the East Coast. Both cities are being pitted for this project. For the organization NSHOF on the other hand, there has been a struggle to gain a local identity. The hall of fame has been largely absent and that is also because the right kind of venue was being sought for long. The sailing community in Annapolis however showcases much more meaning for this venue; they have also sponsored as well as hosted several classic sailing fleets and also tried to ensure that the sailors here get a wide spectrum of sailing activities to participate in.

However the sailing community is at a loss to be able to raise the money, which is more than nine million dollars that is required for the facility to be built. On the other hand, there is a ready-made facility on the waterfront of Newport that can be the perfect solution for this problem.

Italians Win Melges 24 World Championship

The 20th edition of the popular Melges 24 Worlds was completed and there were a total of 11 races during the event.

At the end of it, the Italians came on top and took home the Melges 24 World Championship. The entire race series was a challenged of the sailors as the crew had to face varying weather conditions from light winds to heavy sea breezes.

The Italian crew with Helmsman Fracassoli, Tactician Fonda, Giovanni Ferrari, Gianluca Perego and Stefano Lagi put up a consistent performance all through the event. They only went to the 10th position once and ended the series with 35 points. They had a whopping margin victory of 23 points over the second classified crew. The Italian Team was at their sailing best at this edition of Melges 24 as they finished day 2 by winning all the races that were held. It was after a gap of five years that the tactician and the helmsman of this crew are tasting success at an event. They had won the 2012 Worlds of Torbole five years ago. (more…)

World Cup Series In Hyeres

The World Cup Series in Hyeres, France for 2017 was on from 23r to 30th April.

As part of the tournaments that is lined up for this year, it was the first significant international sailing event that was for considerable duration and comprised of several categories of races. Hence, about 500 sailors had come in from 52 nations to participate in this event. The lineup of sailors was impressive for this event that saw most competitive and well positioned sailors with great accolades being present to participate in the different categories.

The first of sailing was hard to make out how the days would proceed, but there was a steady breeze that was blowing at 8 to 11 knots and in a south easterly direction. As a result, those who were looking to perform well were able to put in consistent results. For instance, in the fleet of the Women’s Windsurfer category that comprised of 38 participants, Noga Geller from Israel was able to showcase her skills and come out with flying colors. (more…)

Gold For USA At Youth Sailing

At 2016 Aon Youth Sailing of 2016, the Gold medals came to the United States. It tumbled to Auckland on final day of the race.

The multihull sailors of French got the Nacra 15 gold, 29er girl’s from Australia won the regatta; it is the first time ever that these girls have won regatta. The others on the winner list are USA’s 420 boys and Great Britain and Israel who took the title of RS:X.

On day four USA has two wins and that time only it got clear that Jack Parkin and Wiley Rogers will secure gold medal and on the final day of result same thing happened.

Roger explained what made him to get this success and said it was the dedication and focused approach that made us to win. (more…)